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February 3, 2013
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Wish Jump: February - GRANTED

Sun Feb 3, 2013, 6:22 PM

EDIT 1: There's 620 points missing; you guys seriously work fast! OAO (Froggy)

edit2:  AND FINISHED! :la:  You guys are so amazing! :airborne:   (James)

Down here at the Well, every month, we usually deliver a poll with three or four wishes. You, the user, can vote on what wish will be granted by the Well that month. We're now introducing a similar concept. The Wishbump 2.0, named "The Wish Jump." Don't worry though, the Wishbump will still be running each month (starting February), this will offer a new chance to grant some more large wishes. :la:

We'll display one wish per month. One that will require quite a bit of work. We'll all work together to grant that wish. Remember, you don't need to completely grant to help. In fact, that's what we're encouraging. You can help, little by little. Each helper will be rewarded. Here's our wish:

KarenNicole97 wishes for enough points to fill their donation pool

KarenNicole97 has already received 30 points from Riemea and CyphonRose so the actual amount of points to go is 1955 points.

Since now we don't have the simple reward by cake system like the first Wish Jump, we'll be doing it differently this time. :airborne:

Deviants who donate 1 -79 :points: will receive these rewards
  1. Their name listed below!
  2. One of their deviations featured here!

Deviants who donate 80-149 :points: will receive these rewards
  1. Their name listed below!
  2. Three of their deviations featured here!
  3. Their wish featured here!
  4. Their works featured in Marvelous Mondays, Thursday Greets AND Fabulous Fridays! :dance:

Deviants who donate 150+ :points: will receive these rewards
  1. Their name listed below!
  2. Five of their deviations featured here!
  3. Their wish featured here!
  4. Their works featured in Marvelous Mondays, Thursday Greets AND Fabulous Fridays!
  5. AND
  6. A special dedicated feature journal from the club! :heart:

(Remember, 80 :points: = $1 USD)


ArtisticAbbie -donated 2 points- Voltorb Plushie by ArtisticAbbie
of-the-skies -donated 2 points- Crater Lake 4 by of-the-skies
DeviBrigard -donated 5 points- Troubled Seas by DeviBrigard
SavageFrog -donated 6 points- Tiffany! by SavageFrog
Dark-Angel-Rin -donated 10 points- Coloring Talli by Dark-Angel-Rin
Angiebutt -donated 10 points- WHO NEEDS ZAZZ WHEN YOU'VE GOT RAZZAMATAZZ by Angiebutt
SimplySilent -donated 10 points- Snow Days Journal CSS by SimplySilent
James--Steele -donated 30 points- :thumb350198364:
14AmyChan -donated 50 points- Isabella Bookmark:  Que estas haciendo? by 14AmyChan
LydiaRhianne -donated 50 points- The Reward After a Long Day by LydiaRhianne

Tishawish -donated 80 points- Hurry Up! by Tishawish Clothed in Flames by Tishawish Toph BeiFong by Tishawish -no wish listed
TeaPhotography -donated 80 points- Angelic by TeaPhotography Windows to the Soul by TeaPhotography Tea by Candy by TeaPhotography - no wish listed
Astralseed -donated 100 points- JuiceBox by Astralseed TailSpin by Astralseed llama peen by Astralseed -no wish listed
Stygma -donated 100 points- Quiet time by Stygma The sorcerer and his hippogryphon by Stygma Play with me! by Stygma - no wish listed

Aryiea -donated 155 points- :thumb340430369: Spell casting 2 by Aryiea :thumb341654708: Deer antler staff topper by Aryiea :thumb290219220: -wishes for more watchers
ethereal-dancer -donated 155 points-  CidSin's Secret Santa Present by ethereal-dancer Mistletoe, Misty for short by ethereal-dancer Xylia - of the Forest by ethereal-dancer Laine - Request for momokamisama by ethereal-dancer Pollinating by ethereal-dancer -wishes for constructive critiques
nyfian -donated 162 points- Beautiful Day by nyfian Naify Fursona vr. by nyfian Ficha Tecnica-. Penny by nyfian Commission Avatar - Roku by nyfian Commission - Conner Kent x Wendy Harris by nyfian -no wish listed
faeorain -donated 165 points- The Transformation Of Lena by faeorain A Song for Him by faeorain Mayan Mask II by faeorain Resting on the Shore - Mermaid by faeorain -no wish listed
Silverarte -donated 175 points- Vocaloid Utau Kieseki by Silverarte Art Trade: Nanymous by Silverarte Bashful Glances by Silverarte Amaya Uchiha and Roza Akashiya: Commission by Silverarte A Blushing Pout by Silverarte -no wish listed
TheGalleryOfEve -donated 220 points- Admiration by TheGalleryOfEve I Put My Heart In You by TheGalleryOfEve The Flowers Of My Life by TheGalleryOfEve Rain Over Me by TheGalleryOfEve Some joy for you by TheGalleryOfEve -no wish listed
Cinestress -donated 230 points- Fuzzy Fingers by Cinestress My head ID by Cinestress Eat it by Cinestress Lucy Run Cemetery 01 by Cinestress -wishes for a… in small
xSammyKayx  –donated 320 points- Leafy Sea Dragon by xSammyKayx Prize: Boris for MissingSkeleton by xSammyKayx Om Nom Nom by xSammyKayx Torchic by xSammyKayx Letters i shall never give.To a friend whose face is unknown,
Thankyou for cheering me up. You make me smile - something that is so simple and yet rare in the past months. Keep your smile on your face - it never should leave. One day I shall help you find your wings - I'm sure you've lost them somewhere.
To a friend whose voice is unheard,
You inspire me to do a thousand things - things that I may or may not have done before, and things I gave up a long time ago. Somehow, you remind me of someone I once held close. One day I shall hear your voice.
To a friend whose touch is like electricity,
You make me hot and cold. You drive me insane [but in a good way]. I wish I saw you more often, even though most days are accompanied with your touch. Your smile. Your everything. My everything.  <3
To a friend who moved away,
I miss you more everyday and I cherish those rare late night conversations. We have to catch up soon, or I swear I'll go crazy. You've made me hold onto my sanity more than once. You've ma
-wishes for someone to draw her Byakuya Kuchiki and Soi Fon from Bleach as a Chibi couple;  task already accepted

If you help us out with this wish, write a comment below! :woohoo:

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PPG-and-RRB10 Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where is the place to wish?
SavageFrog Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
SavageFrog Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm still missing to add

=TheGalleryOfEve (220 points)

=faeorain (165 points)

Imma go sleep
That's a misstype I think, I only donated 155 points lol. Just so you know :)
SavageFrog Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
154 according to the pool-fixed it
150 + 4 + 1? And thanks :)
SavageFrog Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh really? I didn't see it *facepalm* I'll go fix it in a moment
Lol don't worry about it :)
SavageFrog Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
it's officially fixed now
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