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January 11, 2013
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Undiscovered Weekly: Photography

Fri Jan 11, 2013, 9:27 AM
Welcome to the first edition of Undiscovered Weekly!

In this series, we will aim to show you undiscovered talent every Friday  from the various galleries of deviantart. Lets take a minute and  introduce the article writers and what gallery they will be looking  after. :la:

Each  week on Fridays, you will find a journal feature posted with 3-5  deviants who are deserving of more attention. The different galleries  will be cycled through, as noted above. Once we hit week four, we will  start again with week one. :)

If you know of anyone who is undiscovered, please note the specific article writer in which the deviant's gallery falls under. Please do not note the group.

This will be an ongoing process, so feel free to contact any of the article writers at any time with undiscovered talents!

So let's begin. :)

CBasco :iconcbasco:

Green-crowned Brilliant by CBasco

Why did you start creating art?

As far back as I can recall I've been going out on nature photography  trips with my father. After time, it's become a serious interest of my  own.

Chewie by CBasco

What is your favorite piece of art you have created?

That really got me thinking! I'd have to say the one I'm most happy with would be…
and… :shifty:

Forest Frog I by CBasco

Do any of your works have a special meaning behind it? Which ones?

If there is I haven't noticed.

Four by CBasco

How has art influenced your life?

It makes quite the difference! It really changes one's thoughts, the  artistic process starts flowing subconsciously into other (often  irrelevant) aspects of life.
Also, I've met some wonderful people through art, on dA and in real life as well.

Christmas Toby by CBasco

White-Voodoo :iconwhite-voodoo:

Last chance to see... by White-Voodoo

Why did you start creating art?

As a kid I wasn't the least artistic - I was an elite athlete. One day I  was looking for a challenge, something I'd find really hard - and  that's how a powerlifter became a ballroom dancer (no, that isn't a  joke, but initially it was just as funny as it sounds...). Through  dancing I discovered my artistic side. Later as a choreographer and  instructor I learnt aesthetics, and what the human eye sees as  'beautiful' - technical skills I use every time I pick up a camera.

I  started doing volunteer work with exotic and endangered animals,  including caring for orphaned Chimpanzees in Uganda. As far as I know I  am the only person to teach a wild-born Chimpanzee how to dance the  Mambo :-) I also went on to work with lemurs and sifaka in Madagascar, and a whole range of animals back in my home, Australia.

I  had some amazing encounters and shared some inspiring bonds with the  animals, and I was looking for a way to share the emotions I felt with  others. So I found my niche in intimate animal portraits. Its my hope  that people connect with the animals I photograph, doing my small part  to raise awareness and hopefully save some incredible species before its  too late.

Any money I make from photography either funds more  volunteer work, or pays directly for the care of animals I have worked  with overseas. Its easy to donate money to causes, it means more to give  of yourself.

Winter Horse by White-Voodoo

What is your favorite piece of art you have created?

That changes frequently :-)

My  current favourite is 'Protection'. Everyone knows wild Gorillas are  something to fear - massive, strong and violently protective. I saw  their terrifying side in Uganda, but this mother and baby are my  strongest memory - things flying everywhere, noise and chaos all around,  but she just sat there quietly with her arms around her little one,  tenderly protecting him from the melee. Looking at those two, even the  hardest of hearts had a lump in their throat that day.

Grrr... by White-Voodoo

Do any of your works have a special meaning behind it? Which ones?

Probably the piece with the most meaning for me is 'Last Chance to See'.  I had the chance to get some photos of a Barbary Lion. Two things make  these different to other Lions - they live in snow covered areas, and  tragically they are extinct in the wild. Its one thing to read about an  extinct species, its quite another to see one of the last, to know what  we will one day miss. I hope to get some more shots, and spend more time  with the big guy in January.

Foxy... by White-Voodoo

How has art influenced your life?

While the day job (like most) is pretty passionless, outside that my  passion is taking me all over the world, meeting some amazing people,  being up close with some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet,  and hopefully showing people a little of what I've been so lucky to  experience

Flyin Bobcat by White-Voodoo

Griffin-Fire :icongriffin-fire:

second chance by Griffin-Fire

Why did you start creating art?

I been interested in creating artistic photos for a long time (shooting  an image of the sky with a disposable when I was little). I don't  remember what my motives were back then; but throughout the years my  usual "reason why" is that I wanted to record what I saw. I want people  to see what I see.

when i dream by Griffin-Fire

What is your favorite piece of art you have created?

I like "i live in beautiful places". I'm just really pleased with how dreamlike it came out.

discovering golden by Griffin-Fire

Do any of your works have a special meaning behind it? Which ones?

I had to think about this one for a long time. Many of my photos have stories behind them that are entirely unrelated to the photo, so only I understand the correlation. Viewers looking at it's a new day" will probably see the frosty branch and the color of the sunrise; they won't feel the crunch of the frozen ground under their feet or the calling of an eagle in the distance, or the neighbor's rooster greeting the dawn. Other photos hold to me wonder, frustration, excitement, friendship. The memories give them meaning.

stay a while by Griffin-Fire

How has art influenced your life?

I received my DSLR in late November 2009. January 1st 2010 saw me embark on my first Project 365. Since then, I've completed three 365's and have started my fourth (with no days missed). This has been a huge impact on my life, since I'm daily with my camera in hand. Photography has literally become a inseparable part of me, changing the way I see light, color, shape. Lately I've been noticing how often I view things as if looking through a lens, even when my camera is not nearby. I love it!  

don't forget to turn around sometimes by Griffin-Fire

A-Glass-Brightly :icona-glass-brightly:

She Stepped Out of the Night by A-Glass-Brightly

Why did you start creating art?

I started photography when I was given a cheep 35mm film camera for my fourth birthday. I loved the idea of making scenes last forever.

Ex Nihilo by A-Glass-Brightly

What is your favorite piece of art you have created?

My favorite piece of art that I've drawn:
My favorite photograph that I've taken:

The Bodleian by A-Glass-Brightly

Do any of your works have a special meaning behind it? Which ones?

The Power Within has special meaning for me because I was just starting out with digital photography at the time. It was taken at summer camp of a friend who later became my long-term penpal. I haven't seen her since

Balanced Emotion by A-Glass-Brightly

How has art influenced your life?

 Film has influenced my life more than any other kind of art. When I was about 14, I would use it as an escape from my real world problems into a fictional world. I learned that the art of film carried with it serious psychological and philosophical implications, and it soon became a way of life for me. Now I'm studying film in university.

Intent by A-Glass-Brightly

Last but not least:

AniekPhotography :iconaniekphotography:

Autumn I by AniekPhotography

Purple. by AniekPhotography

Ladybird. by AniekPhotography

Wishes. by AniekPhotography

2013 by AniekPhotography

Thank you all for your wonderful work! :heart:

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