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February 17
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Show me the beautiful things..

Mon Feb 17, 2014, 1:13 AM

I finally just got through 15,000 plus messages and deviations tonight, so I feel rather accomplished. On the other hand, it reminds me that not too long ago, I deleted about 20,000 without even looking through them.

I miss being here and seeing all the beautiful things. Perhaps you can help me? Show me some of your artwork, some of your recent favorites, any cool news articles, or features that you may have seen or created yourself. Comment below with them, and I will love you to pieces. Anything at all will brighten my day, so please, spam me :la:

Tell your friends to comment too, the more, the merrier. I'll be throwing out comments, faves, watches etc, so it might be worth the time :giggle: Or if you are bored, just talk to me. Hate to say it, but I've been feeling rather lonely the past few nights. I could use another night owl to speak too. :heart:

In other news, I do plan to start a contest very soon, even though I'm on a semi hiatus. Can't stay away for too long :paranoid:. I plan on having the full journal announcement posted in the next few days. I'm really excited about it, and hope you will be too :)

As for the few of you that are curious about my health, things are seeming to improve. I can actually get out of bed this week :highfive: But, we will see what the doctors say, I've got my appointment set for tomorrow.

Last but not least, here are a few of my recent favorites. I'm sorry that it isn't all aligned like usual :/ Enjoy. :love:

Liquid Luck by alexgphotoChinese Painting Tiger by SagwaX89Oblivion by almostacrayonEdge of the Wood by HorstSchmierSunset by StargazerLZmissing piece. by sugarmintsZebra Vector by Linds2894Magic Deer Spirit by hontor651 by Les-PiccoloThe Storm by JForbes170130 Polymer Clay DRAGONS - Final Edition by buzhandmade
Chameleon Dragon #14 - Polymer Clay Charm by buzhandmadeBreathe by ExplicitStudios<da:thumb id="433169921"/>Pied flycatchers by silvergriffinRacing Stripe by Ragnar949Are you looking at me? by XRlS
Mumma's Boy by davidreevespayne1Black and white by VikarusRunning roes by JMrocekMythical Creatures by BiBiARTsSun Gazer by CobraVenomTinker by PASSiON--PHOTO<da:thumb id="354039316"/>From the fairytale - Commission by areotShow must go on ! by phalalcrocoraxWake Me Up by IsacGoulartLightning over the Strait of San Juan de Fuca by ClydeLovettAfter Rain by Michaelthien
Blue Stag by PetaBernardRat Stack V2 by LauraRobjohnsBoxing by LauraRobjohnsRadio art by NaomiRomeroSteller's Jay Cut Out by WonderDookieDuck-Billed Platypus Cut-Out Magnet by WonderDookie
HDseahorse by saretta13LittleBat by saretta13VII by lukaspeterecXXVI by lukaspeterecHungarian skies pt.CLXI. by realityDreamTrenches by almostacrayon
La marche de la reine by JessicaSansiquetKismet by scenceableRed by RaipunEarthly view in the sky by Sholya-artSky blue by Bluecrow10Texture 492 by Sirius-sdzThe night in fog by NorbertKocsisOlee by tuminkaTEN collection by Dafne-1337artBelgian Malinois Color Pencil Drawing by AtomiccircuSA fairy dream by MiriMina
Winter Lord by AzanyYakima by AzanyColon by Vineyard86The light touched by matze-endhPod by EintoeRnZebra by da-phil
<da:thumb id="432434343"/>The emulative spirit by FlashWSpinal Shift by da-philAlma by FFP-SJsweet necklace by Miyaka89Sorceress by xabiersagasta

<da:thumb id="425397727"/>Commission: Dreamwood by oceans-infernoFox Amigurumi Multishot by Poopycakes-makesFallen Cute - Blossom the Albino Hedgehog + Flower by Poopycakes-makesJack! by RobydudeThe whole company together by Legat1992
Dog pattern by mjdaluzHobbit house design by lavam00snail by BodghiaRat Pair Memo Holder by philosophyfoxJaguar by Sarahharas07Ghost by cercueil-de-fleurs
Texture 488 by Sirius-sdzHollow Essence by VallumeWas it all a dream? by MaaykeKlaverIsland flower by MaaykeKlaver<da:thumb id="360531366"/>water show by agnes-cecileDreamland by AuroraWienholdBlue Peacock Amigurumi by AtinaPWinged Forest Horse by THE-RAttieNewt by THE-RAttie<da:thumb id="360859716"/><da:thumb id="405929956"/>Heresy in Blue by octane2Richard Parker by abdelrahmanMystic Dawning Reflections by octane2<da:thumb id="431111112"/>The Crystal Cave by John-Peterbrooches by znmysteryOh Deer by tinylaughsZiggy the Zebra by Tx-moeTrellis by freMDartetRed eyes by phonalysMorning Glory (Candy) by carinamaiwaldTarentola chazaliea by BulinkoRaindrops by arika131313Nahla by vadaleinThe Horseshoe Bend by DurdenyrTallgrass Prairie by Izzie-Hillwinter by karamelo-serenity*** by karamelo-serenity*** by karamelo-serenityAmigurumi bulldog toy by tinyAlchemySalvation - Speedpaint by AlukeiT A A K E by Onodrim-PhotographyFast Forward by AgaaveQuiet At Last by ArdenEllenNixonPohlia moss by NitrokFox by PixeledLoveAfter the Storm by BWilliamWest...Cold Silence... by FelixIndenCall from another world by FelixIndenI Was A God by MckdirtWavy Shapes by FlorentCourtythe amnesia-fish by aiMikashCommission for Seighin by Yunarii

Journal Skin by Celvas
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The collection is really sweet, I love it!
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