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October 13, 2013
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PE: Interview with Anoya

Sun Oct 13, 2013, 9:40 AM

Introducing, Anoya, our APN community volunteer. :la:


For those of us that don't know you, please tell us about yourself :)

I’m Anoya, or Nancy to most people. 29 y/o girl from the Netherlands. I of course love animals, plants, nature (APN) and photography. I have two Norwegian Forest cats and I love to crochet amigurumi. I like to be creative, I read a lot. I work full time as an Administrator at a pelleting and coating company for vegetables, ornamentals and field crops. It’s not what I’d love to do for the rest of my life, but for now it pays the bills for me and my cats.

I’ve been a deviant for over 9 years, I’ll be 10 in July next year. I’ve been a senior since December 2009 and applied to be the APN CV a few months after that. I became the CV on June 1st, 2009 until December, 2010. I loved doing it and when I saw the open spot again, I decided to apply again and I got my hat/heart back on August 29. 

The universe told me. by Anoya

What made you join deviantart?

I joined in 2004 because I noticed a link in the MSN name of one of my friends. He’s not active anymore though. I never expected this place to become home, nor that I would stay for at least 9 years! 

In the Morning. by Anoya

How did you get into photography? Was there a particular reason you chose this medium over another?

That's a really good question since I can’t recall it that well. I’ve been playing with cameras ever since I was a little girl and became more and more interested in the technique. I can't remember exactly when I got my first camera. I remember going at camp when I was at elementary school and I had several disposable cameras with me. That must've been before the age of 11! I also remember taking pictures with the cameras of my grandparents, which was even years before the camps.
In the years that followed I bought several cameras, several lenses, etc. It grew and grew! :lol:

Angry Tiger. by Anoya

Are there any other mediums that you have interest in? Which ones?

Oh definitely! My other passion would be crochet! I was browsing some sites a few years ago and I found a photograph of an amigurumi and instantly fell in love! I HAD to learn how to make them. I couldn't crochet at all. I only knew how to make a chain with my fingers. Now, years later, my cotton stash is running out of hand and you can find crochet needles everywhere in my house, the same goes for other supplies! :giggle:

Geluk. by Anoya

What's your favorite piece of equipment to use?

For photography it's probably my 70-200mm. Or my 100mm macro. Or my lensbaby. I really can't choose, haha. For amigurumi it would be my 3.5mm needle :giggle:

Rouge. by Anoya

In your opinion, what does the perfect photo contain?

Definitely a main subject, but everyone might think differently about that. Everyone might even think differently about what would be the main subject while looking at the same photograph. It's all about perception, I guess. I don't know about 'the perfect photo' or if I've ever seen one. I know I've never taken one. I always think something could've been better considering my own work. The perfect photo would make me look at it over and over again. There's no specific subject what I think it should contain.

Guardian. by Anoya

If you could photograph any place or anything in the world, what would it be? Why?

Oh gosh, my wishlist is SO long! I'd love to go to Bora Bora, Death Valley, the Plitvice lakes, Utah, Colombia, Costa Rica, Galapagos, the Seychelles, etc. etc. etc.

Souviens toi ce jour-la. by Anoya

Who or what do you look to for inspiration on dA? In life?

I mainly look for inspiration in nature photography, but I can get inspiration from basically everything. Often from music. I love music. I usually link photographs to songs as well. I often listen to music when taking photographs and try to capture the mood of the song as well. Certain people are very inspirational as well, online on dA, but also offline in my life. I won't mention any names because I know I'll forget to mention some people and I don't want anyone to feel left out, but I'm rather sure they know who they are.
I've recently found inspiration in a new Dutch movie, called 'de Nieuwe Wildernis' (the new wilderness). It's a beautiful movie about Oostvaardersplassen, which is a nature reserve which was 'accidentally' created in the Netherlands. It reminded me how close to home nature really is.

Avant Garde. by Anoya

Which one of your works means the most to you? Why?

Another tough question! I think at the moment it's this one:Rigor Mortis. by Anoya
It's part of my Rigor Mortis series, which only has three photographs online. Although it doesn't seem to fit the rest of my gallery, I feel that those shots are most personal, because I've taken them during a rather dark time in my life. I don't really like looking at them because of that same reason. On the other hand, I'm proud how I've captured what I wanted to capture =)

Iwan. by Anoya

Tell us a bit about your artistic process.

It honestly changes from picture to picture. Sometimes I just feel like going to certain places and I decide to bring my camera. Other times I know what I'd like to shoot and try to find the right place, the right subject. And sometimes I see something and have a camera with me and take shots. It all depends on the time and place! I don't like shooting inside, so I usually go outside. I don't like staging nature photographs that much either, so when I go out it's a 'what you see is what you get'. 

Strati. by Anoya

Do you have any advice for aspiring APN photographers?

Respect nature! I sometimes see people invading nests or pick up young wild animals. Please don't do this. You have no idea what you might be causing. Always have respect for mother nature. And don't leave trash outside. Other than that: practice, practice, practice. Practice really makes perfect. You don't need expensive gear to make good photographs!

Orchidea. by Anoya

What has been the rarest moment you have experienced as a photographer?

It might not be a 'rare moment' but it felt like perfect moments. Those moments when you're photographing animals and they're not even noticing you're there. Relaxing, just doing their thing... being nature. I love how peaceful it makes me feel. Those feelings are rather rare to me.

Zand. by Anoya

Do you have any projects/news going on in your gallery that the community can get involved in? 

At the moment I have the Suggestion Saturday series, which includes features of DD suggestions sent by the community. It's a feature for the gorgeous photographs that I can't DD because I'm allowed to only feature one DD per day.

I hope to kick off another contest in a couple of weeks! Followed by interviews with APN Photographers! :la: And you can always send me a note or leave me a comment if you have other suggestions of course!

Aranha. by Anoya
On a less serious note, what's your favorite animal and why? :dummy:

Ooooh, I dislike this question so much! :lol: I have no favorite animal, I love too many animals to call only one my favorite. It has always been like that and I can't mention just one animal. Let's stick to me loving all animals! ;p

Papillon. by Anoya

Do you have any closing thoughts?

Nope! Thanks so much for the interview and the tough questions! :heart:

Zonder titel. by Anoya

An interview with our Animal, Plants, Nature Community Volunteer!
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