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January 25, 2013
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PE Interview with Kaz-D

Fri Jan 25, 2013, 7:55 AM
Some of you may know her as the CV for the photography galleries, or for her wonderful articles. Introducing, Kaz-D!

For those of us who don't know you, please tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm Katy, or ^Kaz-D  in these parts! I live in England, and I'm a part time photographer.  Full time, I'm a job assessment coach for people with learning  disabilities. I'm also at uni studying criminology with social policy. :)

Day 116: The Beauty of Nature by Kaz-D

Do you remember the first time you picked up a camera? What feeling did you have as you first used it?

I  was scared! I'd asked for this awesome 'D-SLR' (they were quite 'new'  back then!) for my birthday because I thought it sounded fantastic, but actually had no idea what it was. So my parents agreed to buy me a third and grandparents chipped in and I made up the rest. So when i got this huge technical looking camera, I was thinking oh crap, what on earth have i got myself into? And they expected me to take pictures with it!

Let's have a Tea Party by Kaz-D

When did you start seriously getting into photography?

Well I had to after the above :D  It was expected! But really, it was after I took some landscapes that  became really popular on dA (popular by my standards anyway). That was when I realized I could do this seriously.

Lol by Kaz-D

How/Has deviantart inspired you as an artist?

Gosh without deviantART i probably wouldn't have even heard about D-SLRs :D  It has inspired me greatly to learn more, do more, get more creative  and all the rest of it. It's also cost me a lot of money. If someone has  something awesome, I want it! :D

Colourful Web by Kaz-D

Is there an art medium other then photography that you really enjoy?

I actually started off drawing, with Mark Kistler's how to draw books. My  Grandad is a painter so when I went over to the Island where he lived,  we would spend our afternoons painting the sea, or painting from  beautiful postcards and so on. But that's sort of died down a bit now  really, after college the materials weren't available so much and so on.  I still write, and I started off writing here on deviantART, that's a  very precious art form to me!

Blue September by Kaz-D

In your opinion, what does the  perfect photo contain?

There are so many variations of the perfect photo. To me it contains a well executed concept, or a breath-taking scene.

Day 319: Owls by Kaz-D

What is your favorite equipment to use for photography?

I love my D-SLR's. I have two now. I also like my UV filters :D And my props! But that's about it.

Day 341: Reflections by Kaz-D

What is your artistic work process?

Messy. Although my desk is tidy, my mind is cluttered ;) as they say!

Spring Balloon by Kaz-D

Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?

Don't  measure your success by the levels of those who are achieving greater things. Set yourself small goals, and delight in them when you over-achieve your expectations.

The Marble by Kaz-D

Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for the interview! :)

Thank you all for reading, and a special thanks to Kaz-D who agreed to do this interview!

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Thank you for the lovely interview! :)
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Thanks for agreeing to it. :heart:
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Katy is a talented photographer -:la:
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I think so too. :la:
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