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March 29
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 If you have any of the below listed items that need exposure, please comment with appropriate information listed :) I'm looking for at least 100 pieces of the following:

  • Groups that need exposure (please give me the :dev: code and a short description)
  • Artists/artworks that need exposure (please mention their name/use thumbs for artworks if possible. I'm looking for unknown artists mainly)
  • Contests that need exposure (please link/thumb me to the article and tell me what the theme is and the ending date)

Feel free to tell your friends about this too/ :+fav: this article, the more people that participate, the better :la:

In case you are wondering what this is for, I received 100 spots in a journal feature to expose whatever I wish, so I wanted to extend it to all of you! 

-Kathy :heart:

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