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November 14, 2012
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12 Days of Premiums Project-COMPLETE

Wed Nov 14, 2012, 2:18 PM
We have reached the goal! :la: Thank you everyone for helping out. This means so much to me, I couldn't have done it without you. :heart:

Update: 1920 points to go and 20 days to make it happen!

If 24 people donate 80 points (which is about a dollar), we can hit the goal. :eager:

Update: 3,669 points to go and 24 days to make it happen. :woohoo:

If we get 50 people to donate 74 points, then we will reach the goal. 74 points is less then a dollar each. Please help me reach this goal so that I can make 12 people happy this holiday season. :heart:

Update: We still have about 9,700 points to go and a little over a month to make this happen.  :la:

If anyone can help spread the word about the 12 Days of Premiums Project, I would be forever grateful! Anything at all will help the cause be better known (journals, polls, etc.) Perhaps then we can actually reach the goal :heart:


I'm back from my mini vacation. :la: Catching up on all messages now.

12 Days of Premiums!

Anyways, onto what I'm really here to talk to you about. I've had an idea spark in my brain, particularly because this is the time of the year for giving and making others happy. As a lot of you know, I really enjoy giving back to the dA community, because this place has done so much for me over all the years I've been here(yes years, you read it right, this is just a new account. :bucktooth: ). I wanted to create an event for the upcoming Christmas season.

So I've decided that I will be giving out 12 premium memberships Jan 1st, 2013*, kind of like the 12 days of Christmas, but afterwards and in one day :lol: . I will be giving out two year long premiums,  and ten three month premiums! But, I need your help.

Now you ask, how do I enter? Who will get the premiums? What can I do to help? So many questions! :nuu:  Never fear, I will explain.

In order to give out all these premiums, I need to raise 11,152 points. I need your help in reaching this goal!

Entering the giveaway!
There will be two different ways to get a premium.  To enter the three month pm giveaway, please just favorite this journal. I will be using to figure out who gets the 3 month premiums, based on what your number is in the favorites. I will also be giving a few to members of the dAWishingWell** who have wished for one. For the 12 month premiums, I will be picking a random person from the people that donate to the donations pool on my front page.

How can I help?
There are so many ways you can help me reach this goal! You can spread the word to fellow deviants by making a journal or poll, you can fave this journal so others may see it, or you could donate to the cause itself! Any action taken by you to spread the word/help out is greatly appreciated. You might even win a year long premium just by helping. How exciting is that??

How do I donate?
You can donate points to the cause at the donation widget on rainylake's front page. Any and all donations are appreciated, no matter the amount. Please note that you do NOT have to donate in order to participate, unless you are interested in the year pm.

Again, any and all effort to help out will be greatly appreciated. I can't do this without you guys. :heart:

If you have any questions, please let me know. :)

*End date is currently tentative. It may be extended if the pool is nowhere near filled.

Some of you might wonder what the :icondawishingwell: is, and what it has to do with this giveaway. The Well is a place where all deviants can go to make a deviantart related wish, and possibly have it come true! It's truly a wonderful place, and something that everyone should go check out. I'll be granting some premium related wishes with a portion of the points from this giveaway. If you want some more information regarding the Well, please check out these handy journals!… and…
Comment Poll Feature

This is a delayed feature for those who commented on my recent poll. Anyone that commented received a comment and this feature! Sorry for the delay.

:thumb337425833:Waterfall by Shadoisk:thumb336141706::thumb302386096:MEEE by TheBlondeReaperKate Winslet pen drawing -finished- by DustywallpaperFemale Ruby-Throated Hummingbird by superninjamonkeys Doctor...The bar was alive with the sounds of people playing pool, drinking, mingling, and other bar activities. Everyone moved about; all but one young woman who sat alone in a booth with no drink and nothing to do. No one saw her as they continued with their activities, they just walked past her. Everything smelt of beer, smoke, and sweat. The door had been propped open to help cool the bar down.
Moments later a tall man with brown hair walked into the bar. He had a few gray hairs among the thick brown locks. His suit had shown he was a man with some cash and a good job. The top button had been undone and his tie was gone, if he had one to start with that is.
Men like him often came to the bar, but he was different, he was on a mission.He scanned the bar his eyes showing something like fear... anger perhaps. As he stood by the door his eyes finally fall upon the woman no one else has noticed. She had light brown hair and what most people would consider a normal outfit on. She seemed pail and
Shadow x Sonnellion by KUCHUK1 The Wolven Chronicles: Book One, Ch 1 Part 1CHAPTER ONE: PART ONE
As I gaze down on the playground from my perch in a majestic oak tree I start to reminisce on my childhood. My chocolate brown eyes scan the little human children running around and hear their joyful squeals. I remember how I once played on the swing set that is planted below me. How I would get in contests with the human children and almost always win, and never know why. How my childhood was abruptly cut short. How the world turned from the carefree wonderland to a death sentence for my kind before my eyes. My expression saddens at this. Even more so when I see that there are no Wolven children playing. There aren't any furry children playing at all. That has been done away with.
In fact, if I don't succeed in my overarching mission, all the furry races will be done away with. The world has reverted to a similar state that it was in during the war I used to learn about in history class. Not in the way one would think, though. The world has united and there are n
I'm Coming MJ by NunoWhoA Broken Arm by Freak-of-Games.:The Blue Source:. by Indecisus Where There's A Spark part 1She felt a sharp pulse in her mind. Her former co-workers used to joke about her 'spider-sense' and how it warned her of dangerously malfunctioning robots. The last personal cleaning automaton she'd fixed had grabbed her blowtorch and attempted to set her head on fire. The advance notice was terribly unspecific and only warned a minute early at best, sometimes failing to work at all. Skyler set her burger back in the container and gazed around the outdoor cafe. While not packed, there were plenty of people around. A few families had young children and small robots to help take care of them. The worst they could do would be throwing children around. They can't be the problem, I'm only warned of danger to myself. It couldn't be a car collision; vehicles didn't have any artificial intelligence and so would be undetected by her 'radar.'
Suddenly the feeling returned, accompanied by a sensation of falling through the air. Danger from above! Two airborne vehicles shot by; one a
Vienna by justifi-cation:thumb336049752::thumb335896043::Why Are You So Cold: by allyallthewayTsuta and Ruby by HaloneWolf:thumb334526978:Falling by DramaticalKITTENArt Trade by scatteredSparksKid Buu by ResidentEvilhunters:thumb310642508::thumb329880385: Welcome to HellI sat there, listening to the overwhelming silence as we waited for the jury to come back from their intermission. I could feel the tension of each and every person seated behind me. Even my sister was allowed to come this time, this was a true rarity since she was so young when it all happened.
After what seemed like a lifetime, the jury was brought back in. They seemed to inch toward their seats and slowly prepared the papers to be read regarding the sentence.
Finally, we heard the timid voice of Jaron Brandau, one of my closest childhood friends, "We the Jury have found the Defendant to be…" The juror's voice cracked. He paused and cleared his throat as if to say he didn't agree with the decision, almost as if he were trying to stall the end. All I could hear was the pounding of my heart as I waited to hear the results of this trial, my trial.
It had all happened so quickly. One moment I was having the time of my life and the next I was being taken to jail for murdering
In a Mind"Do you think he'll make it, Doctor?"
"I'm sorry, I can't say for sure. This is nothing like anything we've seen before. His vitals all seem to be okay, he's on a respirator, but we're not entirely sure that he even needs one. We don't want to take him off just yet, but we may be able to do it at some point in the near future. He's healthy for the condition he's in, Mrs. Gregori. Everything is fine for the time being, except for the fact that he isn't waking up."

The voices woke me from the terrible nightmare I'd been having. I remembered getting ready for bed-- I had had a long day at work and I was incredibly tired, more so than usual. I remembered eating a quick dinner, and then brushing my teeth. I told myself I would shower in the morning, even though I knew I was essentially a walking pile of shit.
Other than that, I couldn't remember anything else from before my nightmare. My nightmare was about me, as are most of my other nightmares. I'd been dreaming that my life was ha

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ShugoGurl Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Can't wait to see who wins!!! I'm so excited, New Years in just a few days!!!
rainylake Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
The winners have already been posted. It's completed.
ShugoGurl Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Where have the winners been posted??

(I'm sure they're someplace obvious and I'm being retarded and can't find them)
rainylake Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
ShugoGurl Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for letting me know :)
rainylake Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
No problem.
ShugoGurl Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh... I'm a failure... I'll find it.
ReveLeViFleur Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so... who'd get the premiums? I can't wait to see something happening!
rainylake Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Still working out some details, but I should have a journal posted later today, or tomorrow morning!
ReveLeViFleur Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yay! can't wait!
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